About ifsinvest

About Industry Fund Services

ifsinvest is brought to you by Industry Fund Services Limited (IFS).

IFS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Industry Super Holdings Pty Ltd (ABN 71 119 748 060) which is in turn owned by a number of major industry superannuation funds including:

Australian Catholic Superannuation, AUSfund, AustralianSuper, BUSSQ, CareSuper, Catholic Super, Cbus, Energy Super, First Super, HESTA, Hostplus, Intrust Super, LUCRF Super, Maritime Super, Media Super, Mercy Super, Mine Wealth + Being, MTAA Super, NGS Super, QIEC Super, REI Super, Statewide Super, Sunsuper, Tasplan Super, TWUSUPER, UniSuper, Vision Super and WA Super.

For over two decades, IFS has been the leading provider of specialist financial products, services and advice to industry super funds and their members.

IFS aims to deliver high quality, low cost simple investment options to industry fund members who wish to invest outside of super. We maintain a strong focus on maximising benefits to members, high quality, transparent fund managers and simple to understand blended investment models.

IFS Board of Directors

IFS Executive Managers

About ifsinvest

Recognising that many industry super fund members want to save outside of super, IFS selected OneVue to work with in developing ifsinvest, a product designed to meet the non-super investment needs of industry fund members. ifsinvest is open to all investors, including those that aren’t members of an industry super fund.

About OneVue

Established in 2007, OneVue is a financial technology company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. OneVue partners with retail superannuation funds, SMSFs, Industry funds and Corporate funds to deliver a platform that includes investment administration, tax and reporting services through a superior, customised wealth management interface - in turn helping businesses offer their clients a seamless, transparent and cost-effective investment experience.

OneVue is the engine behind the platforms of several well-known licensee group and consumer brands.
OneVue Wealth Services Limited ABN 70 120 380 627 AFSL No. 308868 is the Responsible Entity of ifsinvest.

OneVue and IFS working together

One Vue is the responsible entity of ifsinvest.

IFS is the Investment Manager of the Model Portfolios offered through ifsinvest. IFS has been managing most of these Model Portfolios since 1 July 2012 when they were made available for investment through the Industry Fund Portfolio Service ARSN 156 619 340 which is now closed to new investments.

IFS is also the promoter and distributor of ifsinvest.  As promoter and distributor, IFS is your primary point of contact for ifsinvest and is responsible for providing the support services delivered by the Client Care Team.  This Team is available to answer your queries and assist with any day to day problems with the management of your investments via the ifsinvest platform.

IFS receives fees from OneVue for investment management and customer support services.  Further information about the fees received by IFS is set out in the Disclosure Documents.

Your Nominated Representative

What is a nominated representative?

It is a requirement of ifsinvest that investors appoint a Nominated Representative to access and operate their account on their behalf.

  • If you invest in ifsinvest through an IFS Adviser, then IFS will be appointed as your Nominated Representative.
  • If you invest through a non-IFS Adviser, then this Adviser will be appointed as your Nominated Representative. 

What if I don’t have a Financial Adviser?

If you choose to invest directly in ifsinvest without receiving advice from a Financial Adviser IFS will be appointed as your Nominated Representative.

What is the role of a Nominated Representative?

Your Nominated Representative is able to exercise all of the rights you grant them (except the right to transfer the authorisation to another person) to operate your account on your behalf, including:

  • Providing instructions relating to your account
  • Executing investment decisions via the Secure Portal
  • Accessing your personal information online
  • Making enquiries regarding your investments, and
  • Instructing us to make additional investments on your behalf and debiting your nominated bank account.

How do I appoint a Nominated representative?

To give authority to your Nominated Representative you need to read the “Nominated Representative Terms and Conditions" of the Services Guide and complete the relevant section of the Application Form. The purpose of this form is to allow OneVue to rely on instructions from your Nominated Representative.