Keep in mind that the past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.  The value of your investment can rise or fall in value. Future returns may be affected by a range of factors including economic and market influences.

The performance of your investments may also differ from those stated. This may be as a result of differences in individual portfolio holdings, investment allocation weights, fees and timing of investments. The actual performance of your investments can be viewed via the Secure Portal.

Model Portfolios

Industry Fund Services (IFS) is the investment manager of the Model Portfolios available through ifsinvest.

IFS has been managing most of the Model Portfolios since 1 July 2012 when they were originally made available for investment through the Industry Fund Portfolio Service Platform (IFPS) ARSN 156 619 340. IFPS is now closed to new investors. The responsible entity of ifsinvest, OneVue and IFS have entered into an arrangement to make the Model Portfolios available for investment through ifsinvest.

Investment performance is based on the notional Model Portfolio and an initial investment amount of $20,000. Performance is quoted after the Direct Investment Management fee of 0.15% but before taxes, administration fees and transaction costs. It also assumes reinvestment of distributions. Performance figures are shown from 1 July 2012 and are updated monthly.

Inception date for performance calculations is 1 July 2012 unless otherwise specified.

Inception 1 January 2017.

Inception 1 December 2017.

Managed Funds

The individual Managed Funds listed below have an investment strategy determined and monitored by each fund’s responsible entity. Refer to the fund’s Disclosure Documents which can be found in the Secure Portal. Returns are as disclosed by the responsible entity.

Performance as at: 31 January 2020

Performance as at: 31 January 2020