Single Managed Fund Fees

Single Managed Funds:

You can invest in stand alone Managed Funds rather than Model Portfolios if you wish. These stand alone Managed Funds are charged separately to Model Portfolios. Where your account holds both Model Portfolios and stand alone Managed Funds the minimum fee of $204 is applied only once.

1. Administration fees 

These fees are paid to cover the costs of administering your ifsinvest account. The administration fee is up to 0.66% p.a. of the total value of the Managed Funds in your ifsinvest account.

Account Balance% p.a.How and when paid
Up to $250,000 Greater of $204 or 0.66% The administration fee is tiered based on your account balance. 

$250,001 - $2,000,000 0.61%
$2,000,001 - $5,000,000 0.51%
$5,000,001 - $10,000,000 0.21%
Greater than $10,000,000 0.022%

Fees are not charged to establish your account, close your account, process withdrawals or additional investments, or to switch between investments.

2. Cash Hub fee

The Cash Hub fee is an indirect fee of up to 1% on the balance of the Cash Hub that is applied prior to the interest rate being declared.

3. Custodian fee

The Custodian fee relates to the custody and safe keeping of your Managed Funds.

The Custodian fee is 0.055% p.a., of the total value of the Managed Fund in your ifsinvest account.

4. Investment fee:

The Investment Management Fees range from 0.00% and 1.35% p.a., depending on which Managed Fund you choose. The fees are an indirect cost.

Managed Fund NameIndirect Cost Ratio (p.a.)Rebate applies1?
State Street Australian Cash Trust 0.100%  Yes
Fixed Interest 
State Street Australian Fixed Income Index Trust 0.160%  Yes
State Street Global Fixed Income Index Trust 0.200%  Yes
Alternative Debt  
T Rowe Price Dynamic Global Bond Fund   0.460% -
State Street Australian Listed Property Index Trust 0.160%  Yes
Macquarie Hedged Index Global Real Estate Securities Fund 0.000% -
Australian Shares  
Schroder Equity Opportunities Fund 0.920%  Yes
Pendal Sustainable Australian Share Fund 0.850%  Yes
Investors Mutual Australian Share Fund 0.990%  -
Perpetual Wholesale Australian Share Fund 1.000%  -
Perpetual Wholesale Ethical SRI Fund 1.180%  -
Perpetual Wholesale Smaller Companies Fund 1.260%  -
Plato Australian Shares Income Fund 0.900%  -
State Street Australian Equities Index Trust 0.160%   Yes 
International Shares  
State Street International Equities (Hedged) Index Trust 0.200%  Yes
State Street International Equities Index Trust 0.180%  Yes
Platinum Asia Fund 1.350%  - 
Platinum International Fund 1.350%  -
Realindex Emerging Markets Fund – Class A 0.760%  -
Schroder Global Core Fund 0.400%  Yes
Stewart Investors Worldwide Sustainability Fund 1.220%
Lazard Global Listed Infrastructure Fund 0.980%  -
Liquid Alternatives    
Pinebridge Global Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund 1.060%  Yes

1The amount of the rebate will be deposited to your Cash Hub.

*The Indirect Cost Ratio includes management fees and excludes net transactional and operational costs. Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement for further details.

4. Transaction fees

These are fees associated with buying or selling investments.

  • Model Portfolios: Nil
  • Managed Funds: $25 per buy or sell
  • Term Deposits: $25 per buy

It is important that you understand all the fees that may be incurred. You should read fee information contained in the Disclosure Documents of: 

  1. ifsinvest including the Service Guide and Model Portfolio Guide, and
  2. the individual investments that you select.